How well does your cloud provider manage a surge in traffic?

Download our whitepaper: “A Comparison of Cloud Provider Performance and Response to a User Traffic Event”

As your e-commerce site grows, you need to be able to manage the traffic to your site—no matter what. Even at check out, regardless of how many people are purchasing at once, on-line storefronts, and the cloud providers that host them, need to efficiently and cost-effectively remain fast and 100% available. However, not all cloud providers are created equal in this matter, and there are many things an e-commerce business owner must consider when making their choice. 

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  1. This is a comparative test of Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace
  2. The simulated user traffic event started at 1000 per hour and peaked at 50,000 users.
  3. In the four hour test, 895,356 page views were requested and 8,976 checkouts were performed.
  4. One cloud provider, offering elasticity, experienced massive over-provisioning of servers and had unacceptable page load times for nearly 25 minutes.


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